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Rainbow Trug Flexible Food Grade Containers

Rainbow Trug Flexible Food Grade Containers

Flexi-Tubs, as some people call them, have been around for a while but we were not happy with with the quality of the brands we previously sold. So we made our own, Rainbow Trug.

Currently we have a range of 5 sizes and are available in 14 standard colours but bespoke colours are always an option. We also offer branding to the side of most trugs by means of an interchangeable insert in our mould tools creating an embossed 'logo'.

We are passionate about Rainbow Trugs and work tirelessly to design and manufacture exceptional quality products for our customers. Made in Britain from a premium food grade material and with thicker sidewalls, we knew that we had developed a product that customers had longed for. Rainbow Trugs are also UV Stable and Food Safe as they are 100% free from harmful phthalates which means that they are suitable for feeding livestock, storing food and perfectly safe for children. The high percentage of returning customers and recommendations prove our belief in good design and quality.

Listening to customers is vital for any business and our customers have certainly helped with the development and growth of the Rainbow Trug range. One example of this resulted in the development of our Trug-Lid™ which came about following repeated requests from customers for a lid. Easier said than done, but after 2 years and countless prototypes we finally had a perfectly fitting lid to be proud of. We have invested heavily in tooling over several years and intend to continue this in the future.